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Our biannual preventive maintenance services will increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system and extend the life of your HVAC unit. What are you waiting for? Call 434-421-3021 right now to schedule your first preventive maintenance appointment with the HVAC pros at Xtreme Heating & Air in Danville or Martinsville, Virginia.

Avoid Future HVAC Breakdowns

Preventive HVAC maintenance in Danville, Martinsville, VA

Do you want to save money, increase the lifespan of your HVAC unit and keep your home or office comfortable all year long? With regular preventive HVAC maintenance, your heating and cooling system will stay in optimal condition. Xtreme Heating & Air LLC offers biannual preventive maintenance services to keep your residential or commercial HVAC system running at peak performance. Our HVAC contractors will:

  • Check your unit’s motor
  • Examine your capacitors
  • Check your heating elements
  • Clean your coils
  • Change your air filters
  • Examine your condensate drain lines
  • Verify your unit has the proper refrigerant charge

Reach out to Xtreme Heating & Air today to learn more about the importance of preventive maintenance.